3 Advantages of Custom Braces for Adults

As an adult, you may want to have your teeth straightened but are afraid of the discomfort and the cost. You may be surprised to learn that there are many options available that allow you to easily and painlessly straighten your teeth and get a beautiful smile in far less time, and for far less money, than ever before. One method you might discuss with a cosmetic dentist is custom braces. These braces are fitted for your mouth in particular, usually after a computer-generated 3D image is taken of your teeth, and they offer many advantages over standard braces. Note a few of those advantages here so you can determine if these are the right choice for you.

Partial braces

One advantage of custom braces is that you can have them fitted over just a certain part of your mouth, rather than getting a full set of braces that covers all your teeth. This can mean less discomfort, as you're simply nudging a few problematic teeth into alignment and are not moving all your teeth. A partial set of braces will also be less noticeable than full braces, which you might prefer if you would be especially self-conscious about wearing braces.

Ensuring the results

When you have standard braces applied, a dentist cannot always guarantee exact results or the specific appearance of your teeth when you get those braces removed. However, when a dentist fits your teeth with braces that are designed specifically for your tooth size, the curve of your jaw, and with how the teeth are currently aligned, this can ensure that those teeth will be properly aligned once the braces come off. Also, if you have teeth that are jagged, those custom braces will be able to fit them precisely while also fitting teeth that are jutting out from the gum line, or pulling undersized teeth forward. By fitting all your teeth precisely, you're more likely to get precise results once the custom braces come off.

Weakened teeth

As an adult, your teeth may have weakened over the years; they may have less enamel on the front or may have large cavities or pits along the surface. This can make it difficult to apply standard braces, which might weaken teeth even more as those braces nudge them in place. By using computer-generated imagery of your teeth, a dentist can create braces that won't put undue pressure on any weak spot, so those teeth can be pulled into place but also be protected from damage as well.