Getting Used to New Dentures the Fast Way

If you need to start wearing dentures, you may have a lot of concerns. While these are generally unfounded, it's difficult for some people to feel positive and avoid their worries.

During the time after you first get your new dentures, you might notice some discomfort and other problems that can make you feel like your fears were justified. These problems normally go away as you get used to them, but it's difficult to have faith in that fact. To speed up the process of adjusting to dentures, there are some things you can do and habits you can get into, which will make you feel much better about the whole thing.

A bit of rubbing is normal

As your mouth begins to get used to your dentures, you might find that they rub a bit. While this is uncomfortable, it's not normally anything to worry about, and they will fit better as your muscles adjust. However, if you're in particularly high pain, it seems to be going on for too long, or you start getting ulcers, make sure you go back to your dentist. Adjustments may be needed.

Dealing with saliva

A lot of new denture wearers notice an increase in saliva at first. This is because having something foreign in your mouth tricks your body into thinking it's food, so more saliva is produced. Sucking on sugar-free boiled sweets is a good way to help with this problem.

Talk often

Because the shape and feel of your mouth will have changed since getting your dentures, particularly if you've only just had teeth extracted as well, talking can be a bit of a struggle. This is something that gets better naturally with practice, but in the meantime, it can make you feel very self-conscious. Although you might feel silly doing it, talking to yourself in private is a great way to get in extra practice. Nobody will know!

Try an adhesive

Denture adhesives can make all the difference in the early stages, even if you stop using them at a later point. When your dentures feel firmly in place, you'll be more confident eating, talking and smiling.

Don't be self-conscious

This is, of course, far easier said that done, but it's important to try. What you need to remember is that, although your dentures are extremely obvious to you and your mouth feels totally different, nobody else is likely to notice at all. Once you learn that this is true, you can get on with enjoying your new smile and your confidence will grow.