An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away — but What About the Dentist?

Everyone knows the old rhyme, and everyone knows the common-sense advice behind it — that eating a healthy diet is conducive to good health. If you can stay healthy by yourself, then there's little need to drag yourself out to the doctor's office. But it's not just the doctor's office that takes up time and frays the nerves. In fact, many people are much more nervous about visiting the dentist than they are about seeing their GP. While that's likely to be force of habit speaking, since modern dental appointments are very comfortable and usually painless, it may make you feel better to avoid having to go as much as possible. So while you're eating your one apple a day, what can you do to take care of your teeth? Here are some ideas.

Watch your Diet, Sugar

In fact, the same advice applies — but you might not want to stick to just apples. Keeping a balanced diet is good for your teeth, and you'd do well to be careful about what you put into your system. However, fruits contain natural sugars that can be harmful to your teeth in the long run. As such, don't assume that a healthy diet is one-size-fits-all. Choose options that suit both your body and your mouth specifically. You can also take care to brush your teeth after eating a lot of fruit or drinking fruit juice, just to be safe. That being said, of course your dentist would much rather you drank fruit juice than soda.

Keep Time

If you're busy in the morning, you may find yourself rushing through the routine of getting ready. It's understandable — but sparing a minimum of two minutes every morning to brush your teeth is a good way to keep yourself protected against problems. Thirty seconds on either side of the mouth just isn't enough. And if you can spare it, experienced dentists say that three minutes is even better.

Leave It to the Experts

As the beauty industry expands and becomes more affordable, home tooth-whitening kits are on the rise — and you may be able to get the same procedure performed at your local salon. Resist the temptation! Many dentists have expressed concern about both these options, as the products used to whiten teeth can be seriously harmful in the wrong doses and if applied wrong. Dentists have to study for a long time before they're considered able to safely work on real patients. Beauticians can take courses in a matter of weeks. It's not to say that every beautician who does teeth whitening is unsafe — but wouldn't you rather minimise the risk? Stick to the experts, and you'll save yourself a world of problems.

Of course, you should still go for dental checkups at least once a year to make sure there are no underlying problems — but sticking to tips like these will at least make it likelier that those checkups run smoothly. Good luck!