3 Advantages of Paediatric Dentists

Going to the dentist to get their first checkup can be a stressful experience for a small child. However, there are several ways in which you can make it easier for them. One is to choose a dentist who specialises in caring for children's dental health, also known as a paediatric dentist. Here are a few advantages of your child visiting a specialist paediatric dentist.

1. Specialist Training

All dentists are highly trained, but paediatric dentists have undergone extra training to allow them to specialise in caring for the oral and dental health of children. Their experience allows them to immediately spot problems in the development of a young person's teeth, such as crowding or teeth growing in the wrong locations.

Early identification of these kinds of problems can make it much easier to solve them. Orthodontic treatment is often more successful, and has a shorter duration of treatment if it is started early. Visiting a paediatric dentist is the best way to ensure that your child's teeth get all the help they need to develop properly.

2. Child-Friendly Tools

From a dentist's chair that doesn't dwarf a child, to tools that are correctly sized for young mouths, a paediatric dentist has all the equipment they need to care for the teeth of children of all ages. Some adult tools are too big for child-sized mouths, which can compromise their effectiveness and make it difficult for dentists to offer the best care to their younger patients.

In addition to child-sized tools, paediatric dentists always use child-friendly numbing gels, sedation, and other pain relief options to ensure that your child is comfortable throughout whatever treatments or procedures their teeth need. This attentive level of care can help to ensure that your child does not develop a dental phobia that prevents them from getting the treatment they need later in life.

3. Welcoming Environment

While all dentists try to make their practices seem welcoming, paediatric dentists go the extra mile when it comes to making kids feel at home. From toys in the waiting room to screens that play child-friendly content in the treatment room, they have everything your child needs to take their mind off the anxiety of visiting the dentist. If you worry that your child might feel intimidated by the clinical setting of the dentist that you visit for your checkups, consider registering them with a paediatric dentist instead.

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