3 Types of Discreet Braces

If you want to have your teeth straightened, then don't assume that traditional metal braces are your only option. While these braces are effective, some people don't like the way they look.

For example, some people feel that metal braces look too obvious. They might not want people to know that they are having this kind of treatment. Or, they might want to avoid feeling too self-conscious about wearing their braces.

If you have any of these concerns, then you can use more discreet types of braces. They look more subtle and less noticeable. What are your options here?

1. Lingual Braces

Lingual braces look like regular metal braces; they work in the same way. However, they give you an invisible solution because of their position on your teeth. These braces go on to the back of the teeth rather than on the front.

Nobody need ever know that you are wearing lingual braces. They can only see them if they can see the back of your teeth. This is the most discreet bracing solution out there. If you really don't want people to know that you have braces, then a lingual treatment might be the perfect solution for you.

2. Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces work in exactly the same way as traditional metal braces. However, these braces are much more discreet.

Their brackets are made from tooth-coloured materials. So, they don't stand out as much as the metal-coloured brackets you'll wear with regular braces. They blend in with the colour of your teeth more effectively. People can't easily see the brackets on your teeth and might not even notice your brace wires.

3. Clear Aligner Braces

You might also be able to use a non-fixed bracing solution. Clear aligner systems, such as Invisalign, suit some tooth-straightening needs. These systems also blend in better than metal braces.

Here, you wear removable aligner trays rather than traditional brackets and wires. Each tray fits over one of your tooth arches. The trays aren't fixed in the mouth. You wear them most of the time but take them out to eat.

These braces are less noticeable in the mouth because they are made from clear plastics. The tray slots completely over your teeth and, once it is in place, it is hard to see.

The type of braces you ultimately choose also depends on the treatment your teeth need. For more advice, talk to your orthodontist. They can help you choose a discreet option that will also do the orthodontic work you need.