What Should You Do With Broken Dentures?

A broken denture is one of the most serious dental complications. Not only does it make daily tasks like eating, chewing, talking and swallowing difficult, the situation is also embarrassing. The worst case scenario is your dentures breaking into pieces over time. Considering that this may happen in a social occasion in public, on a first date, when performing a big presentation at work, whatever the situation, you can bet you will need immediate denture repairs. The nature of the break and its cause will determine whether the denture can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

Common Causes of Broken Dentures

Dentures get broken for various reasons. A common cause for broken dentures is wear and tear as time goes on. The denture undergoes a series of cycles of chewing, swallowing and daily wear following years of use. In addition, the different things you eat on a daily basis provide different temperature, acidic and moisture conditions, all of which contribute to the wear of the denture.

Incidental or accidental breakages are another common issue. At night, dentures must be removed, making it a daily activity. Dentures are at risk of falling accidentally during the process.

Dentures need a perfect fit to remain intact. With time the human jaw grows and the facial orientation changes, altering the denture's position. Dentures are of course artificial and cannot grow along as normal teeth, making it a possible reason for breaking.

Replacement Options for Your Broken Dentures

A broken denture may be repaired the same day of visit. In other cases, you may be required to wait as it is send back to the dental lab for repair. A major challenge for this option is you may be required to be without your dentures until they are repaired.

Dentists may recommend relining your dentures for cases where they fail to fit perfectly. Dentures that are old and worn out may need to be updated based on the condition of your jaw.

Individuals with dentures often experience conditions of bone loss. Your dentist may recommend dental implants with the use of over-denture. The custom made over-dentures fit perfectly and gives you confidence during daily activities.

Care for Your Dentures

Caring for your dentures while at home is an important task. Develop a simple routine where you observe a safe place to remove and replace dentures. Finally, keeping your denture clean is not only good for the denture itself but for your health too.