Discover Why Tooth Pain and Night Hours Are Great Friends

Although it's recommended you visit your dentist at least two times a year to maintain your oral health in good shape, it's probably what you don't do just like many other individuals. This doesn't mean you don't have a dental problem a dentist should fix. Most people often ignore mild dental issues such as cavities, bad breath and loosening crowns because they aren't painful. They only go to a dentist months later when these problems aggravate. However, see a dentist within 24 hours whenever you develop dental emergencies such as bleeding gums, swollen gums, dental abscesses and tooth pain. Tooth pain is the worst among them since it keeps you hungry and sad, especially at night. Do you know why tooth pain worsens at night? Keep reading!

Late Night Snacks

Most people don't overcome the temptation that comes with sugary foods and drinks. The plaque on your teeth likes sugary foods and drinks just as you do. Plaque is that invisible film of bacteria that usually lives on your gum or teeth surface. Brush your teeth after eating your sweet late-night snacks. The sugar from the snacks will sit on your teeth until morning if you don't do so. The bacteria produce acid that causes cavities and weakens your teeth after eating the sugar in your mouth, and this means sharper tooth pain. Visit an emergency dentist immediately the pain begins before it leads to other more serious dental problems such as gum disease and tooth decay.

More Blood Circulation

More blood rushes to your brain when you sleep. Blood doesn't flow at the same rate it does when sleeping if you are standing, working, walking or engaging another activity. As more blood circulate while sleeping, it exerts more pressure on the ailing tooth, making it more painful. Blood circulation also keeps the peripheral pain receptors alert such that you even sense the slightest toothache at night.

Fewer Distractions

With fewer distractions at night, your mind will stick to the aching tooth. That's why tooth pain intensifies at night. Although your brain is made to focus on many things, it usually concentrates on one thing at a time. Nothing distracts your mind when you fall asleep, and that's why you easily notice that sharp pain in your tooth.

Treat tooth pain with the urgency it deserves. Visit a qualified emergency dentist in good time to get timely treatment. Tooth pain tells you that something isn't right with your oral health. The problem worsens if you ignore that toothache. You just need a small filling if you see the emergency dentist early, but you won't escape a root canal if you delay.