4 Harmful Root Canal Myths

No one enjoys getting root canal treatment, but some people have developed an irrational and disproportionate fear of the procedure due to some common myths that circulate about it. If you are worried about an upcoming root canal treatment, read on to get the facts and set your mind at rest.

1. Myth: Root Canals Are Very Painful

Perhaps the most common myth about root canal treatment is that it is painful. In fact, the procedure should not hurt at all, although forgoing treatment when you need it can lead to a lot of pain.

Before they begin working on the root of your tooth, dentists administer a local anaesthetic to make the tooth numb. If you can still feel pain, let your dentist know, and they will either give you more anaesthetic or wait longer for it to start working.

2. Myth: Root Canals Don't Save Teeth

Some people think that there is no point in getting a root canal treatment because the dentist will end up pulling the tooth in the end anyway. In fact, many root canal procedures are successful in arresting the decay that is affecting a tooth and preventing it from spreading further into the tooth in the future. Some people go on to keep their treated teeth for the rest of their lives, which makes the treatment very much worthwhile.

3. Myth: You Need Multiple Treatment Sessions

While some root canal treatments stretch over more than one dental appointment, the majority can be completed in a single sitting. Dentists usually only require you to schedule more than one treatment session if the infection affecting the tooth is very severe.

The first step in the treatment involves the dentist drilling a small opening into the top of the numbed tooth in order to gain access to the root. Next, they remove any areas of decay and clean the root. Finally, the dentist caps the tooth with a crown, which acts as a barrier against further infection. In most cases, these steps can be completed relatively quickly, which means that your treatment will soon be complete.

4. Myth: You Can't Afford Root Canal Treatment

Some people opt to have teeth pulled rather than have root canal treatment because they think that is a less expensive option. In fact, root canal treatment can work out to be much more affordable than the ongoing costs associated with a missing tooth, such as fitting and maintaining a bridge or dental implant.