The Dos and Don'ts Of Teeth Whitening Before School Formals

The start of the school formal season is not far away, and many teenagers have turned their thoughts to preparations for this special event. Outfit choice, hairstyle, makeup and jewellery all play a particular part in getting dressed up for this occasion. Because of the number of photos taken at the event, it is not unusual for attendees to whiten their teeth for gleaming smiles to shine through in photographs. However, to protect the lifelong health of your child's teeth, consider these dos and don'ts when considering teeth whitening before a school formal.

Don't Try At-Home DIY Teeth Whitening

It is tempting to save money and perform teeth whitening at home using ingredients found in the pantry. A Google search of ways to brighten your smile brings up a DIY remedy using lemon juice and baking soda. The problem with this idea is that lemon juice is highly acidic and could permanently weaken the enamel of the teeth if it is misused. Therefore, only your dentist should perform tooth whitening procedures.

Do Allow Time For More Than One Treatment

While one teeth whitening treatment delivers some results, often teeth need a secondary treatment to get the best results. To reduce the chance of teeth sensitivity, the dentist will likely wait two to four weeks between treatments. Additionally, once the treatment is complete, the best results take a week or two to appear. Therefore, when booking a teeth whitening appointment, do it at least six weeks before the school formal date. This amount of time allows for the teeth to be at their very best on photo day.

Don't Eat Or Drink Staining Foods After Teeth Whitening

Some food and drinks contain particles that can stain teeth. Your dentist has a comprehensive list of foods to avoid, but, in particular, steer clear of coffee, tea, soy sauce and curry until after the school formal is over. These food and drink choices are proven to stain teeth over time. Not consuming them until after the event means the teeth stay looking their best.

Use these tips to get the whitest teeth possible before a school formal event. Contact your child's regular dentist if you have specific concerns about the impact of teeth whitening treatments on your child's teeth. Their dentist knows the current health state of your child's teeth, so they are the best source of information about whether your child will experience any adverse effects from the process.