Three Techniques That Functional Dentists Use to Promote Oral Health

The dentistry field has been transforming as dentists strive to provide patient-centric services. For instance, the changes have seen the rise in demand for functional dentists. Unlike traditional dentists who focus on diagnosing and treating dental issues, functional dentists honour the mouth-body connection. Thus, their focus rests on finding the root cause of dental problems. This article highlights unique techniques that functional dentists rely on. Proper Breathing During Sleep  Many people cannot tell how proper breathing during sleep affects oral health. [Read More]

4 Harmful Root Canal Myths

No one enjoys getting root canal treatment, but some people have developed an irrational and disproportionate fear of the procedure due to some common myths that circulate about it. If you are worried about an upcoming root canal treatment, read on to get the facts and set your mind at rest. 1. Myth: Root Canals Are Very Painful Perhaps the most common myth about root canal treatment is that it is painful. [Read More]

The Dos and Don'ts Of Teeth Whitening Before School Formals

The start of the school formal season is not far away, and many teenagers have turned their thoughts to preparations for this special event. Outfit choice, hairstyle, makeup and jewellery all play a particular part in getting dressed up for this occasion. Because of the number of photos taken at the event, it is not unusual for attendees to whiten their teeth for gleaming smiles to shine through in photographs. However, to protect the lifelong health of your child's teeth, consider these dos and don'ts when considering teeth whitening before a school formal. [Read More]

Critical Facts About Teeth Whitening

It is difficult to ignore the surging popularity of teeth whitening procedures among Australians today. It can be attributed to marketing by brands through social media and celebrity endorsements. Moreover, teeth whitening products are readily available as DIY at-home kits. Regrettably, many people believe that teeth whitening is a straightforward procedure, but it is not the case. Instead, teeth whitening requires a careful approach for the best results. This article highlights critical facts about teeth whitening to help you make the right decisions. [Read More]